Judy Doesschate Calls Out Mohawk Ambulance And We Responded

If you haven't heard about what happened the other day with Councilwoman Judy Doesschate I'll give you the short version. She saw a Mohawk Ambulance double parked outside a Stewart's. The guys were in getting some coffee. So she takes some pic, posts it on her Facebook and proceeded to get trashed for giving our 1st responders a hard time. I'm not sure what she was trying to do or what she was expecting on her social media and honestly I don't care. 

Let's take it to yesterday when Terry O'Donnell went to Stewart's and bought 2 boxes of coffee and dozens of donuts for our friends at Mohawk Ambulance to show them some love and support. All of us at KISS 102-3 love our 1st responders and don't have a problem with them double parking at all.

You can check out our FB live of Terry stopping by to drop the coffee and treats off below - 


If you'd like to check out a little bit more on how it all went down yesterday you can CLICK HERE


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