Judy Doesschate Calls Out Mohawk Ambulance And We Responded

posted by D.Scott -

If you haven't heard about what happened the other day with Councilwoman Judy Doesschate I'll give you the short version. She saw a Mohawk Ambulance double parked outside a Stewart's. The guys were in getting some coffee. So she takes some pic, posts it on her Facebook and proceeded to get trashed for giving our 1st responders a hard time. I'm not sure what she was trying to do or what she was expecting on her social media and honestly I don't care. 

Let's take it to yesterday when Terry O'Donnell went to Stewart's and bought 2 boxes of coffee and dozens of donuts for our friends at Mohawk Ambulance to show them some love and support. All of us at KISS 102-3 love our 1st responders and don't have a problem with them double parking at all.

You can check out our FB live of Terry stopping by to drop the coffee and treats off below - 

If you'd like to check out a little bit more on how it all went down yesterday you can CLICK HERE



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