Most Violent Cities In Upstate New York

When you think of violent cities in Upstate New York which cities come to mind? If you're from the Capital Region you'll automatically say Troy, or maybe Schenectady. Ironically, Albany is actually higher on the new list that the FBI released back in June. 

Albany was actually 8th on the list of the Top 25. Niagara Falls was actually 1st because I guess people get violent looking at falling water? Or maybe it's the fact that they don't like Canada? I don't know what it is.

If I had to guess, the recent slew of shootings in Albany would move them up the list a bit. 

Oh hey Troy and Schenectady, you're on the list too so don't think you're doing any better. Troy checked in at #12 and Schenectady was #10. Gloversville also found a way to make the list landing at #19.

Way to go 518!!! We have 4 of the top 25 most violent cities in Upstate New York. Well done!


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