Saratoga Woman Arrested For Setting Truck On Fire

Julie Gailor was arrested for arson, criminal mischief and petty larceny after she set a truck on fire in Saratoga Monday morning. It all went down at Gaslight Square Apartments the other day. When police arrived they found a Chevy Silverado on fire. Well, the fire was in the bed of the truck and there was some damage to the cab as well.

This is the part that makes me laugh though, Gailor told police that she thought the truck belonged to someone else. Let's be clear, even if that truck belonged to someone that she knew, you still can't set the thing on fire. Was she thinking that by telling the cops that, that they would just look at her and say "oh, okay. We get it"?

Anyway, she was sent to Saratoga County Jail on $10,000 bail or a $20,000 bond. I'm hoping that her family or friends let her sit in there for a few days to think about how foolish this all is. 


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