Marshmello Does The #LaChonaChallenge

We guess that jumping out of your moving car and listing to the song "La Chona" is the next big internet challenge. Everyone seems to be jumping on this trend, and also into the road.

It appears to be an sequel to the In My Feelings Challenge that was all the rage.

Marshmello himself has even gotten on board with this one. Watch the video below.


According to Mexico News Daily, "La Chona" is a 1995 song by Los Tucanes de Tijuana. Even law enforcement in Mexico is participating.

In videos posted to social media and later pounced upon by news websites, a municipal police officer, a soldier and a machine-gun-toting state police officer in Nuevo León all take up La Chona challenge.

The northern border state’s Secretariat of Public Security issued a statement saying that it knew who the participating officers were but didn’t say whether they would face any kind of penalties.

Stay safe, everyone.


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