Ways To Stay Cool In The Capital Region

The weather is supposed to be pretty hot the next few days, I'm aware that it's Summer and we should expect these things. Instead of complaining about how hot it is out, I thought I'd give you some ways to stay cool in the 518

Colonie Town Pool is always a solid option. 

You could make the trip up to The Great Escape and Splahwater Kingdom

If you don't have a pool in your backyard, hit up a friend that has one.

If you want to stay cool without getting wet you can give these a shot -

 - No air conditioning? Place a bowl of ice in front of a blowing fan. It'll cool down the room as the ice melts.

- Eat multiple smaller meals. Your body temp actually rises as it tries to burn off the larger meals.

- Lay on the floor. Heat rises so guess where the cooler air is?

- Rinse your hands or wrists with cold water.

- Wear lightweight, cotton clothing.

If you're in and around Troy, there's going to be cooling stations set up.If you want to know where they are you can CLICK HERE


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