5 Things We Love About In Real Life

If you were as big a fan of ABC's show "Boy Band" as us, no introduction is needed for the guys who make up In Real Life. These five guys are so diverse and come from literally every part of the country. 

They hail from California, New York City, Wisconsin, and Ohio. You can bet that plays a huge part in them having so much appeal with the fans. Something for everyone!

5.  Brady's fashion sense 

We love that he knows how to dress for success and also loves to collect jackets. That's a pretty cool hobby if you ask us. 


4. Their love of all things Harry Potter

How can you not love Harry Potter? Plus look at Chance in this Harry Potter photoshoot! 


3. Drew and Sergio love Vanessa Hudgens

What's not to love about her? We also have a crush on her!


2. They're always having fun

Show us a time where these guys aren't out having a good time. We dare you. They love the fun and their fans. 


1. Their new song, "Tonight Belongs To You"



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