5 Things We Love About Why Don't We

posted by Barenthal James - 

The boys in Why Don't We have taken the world by storm and with that comes a whole lot of love, and we don't mind spreading some of that love to these guys!

Being that these guys are assembled from all over the United States they've got a little bit of something for everyone. They hail from Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Oregon, and Texas. 

With a new official biography on the way this October, we decided we couldn't wait and wanted to know a little bit more and discovered the 5 things that we love about these guys. 

5. The appreciate the classics (Abbey Road pic much??)

TALK soon?

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4. They are open to dating a fan...GASP!

3. They're very sporty (tennis anyone?)

who do you think won?

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2. They look fantastic in shades

5 shades of wdw

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1. They love to TALK 😍😍


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