Styrofoam Ban Expands In Albany County

Yesterday in Albany County the ban on styrofoam was expanded. Now, businesses in the food industry cannot use it at all. So those handy little to-go containers that you get your leftovers in cannot be styrofoam. They must be recyclable or made of compostable material.

Not everyone was happy with the vote but this is what it is for now. If a business is still using the styrofoam containers then they will face fines ranging from $200-$1000. The law focuses mostly on businesses in the food industry at this point. Those that will be exempt from the new law are non profit organizations that serve food at fund raisers and also grocery stores. Also, if a business can prove that the change will cause financial hardship they can apply for a permit that would exclude them from the new law.

FULL STORY about yesterdays vote can be seen HERE


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