Possible Human Trafficking Recruitment In Albany?

These stories in general are ones that you hate to hear, so to have it happen in our backyard makes this one even worse for me.

I didn't know that this kind of thing was going on around the Capital Region but apparently it is. There are people going around, approaching Mothers and daughters. The story that I'm posting here in a minute has the women claiming to want to talk about "God The Mother"

There's plenty about "God The Mother" if you search them on the Internet. You can form your own opinion about them and if they're involved with human trafficking or not. What I will tell you is that you should be very cautious when you're out. The women in the following post was approached at Crossgates. 

Again, I'm not saying that this organization is involved with human trafficking but do some research. They've been looked at for quite some time. Keep your guard up while you're out. I know, I'm repeating myself but I want to make sure you get the message.



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