Brendan's Lemonade Stand Is Back!

Remember that story about the lemonade stand in Ballston Spa. You know, the one about the little kid who's stand got shut down because he didn't have the proper permit to operate. Yeah, that one.

Well, he's back in business. Did he ever get the right permit? Nope and he doesn't need it. The State has no intention of going after him for it either. Turns out that when the governor's office tells the Dept of Health to back off, they do. 

What's even better is that now with Brendan's "Famous" Lemonade Stand back up and running this past Saturday morning, all the money that he raised went to a fantastic cause. A family friend, Maddy Moore, is having surgery on Wednesday to help repair a bowleg deformity that she's has since she was just 2 y years old. The family needs money to help cover medical expenses not to mention help paying for a hotel that's near the Shriner's Children Hospital in Springfield, Mass.

Pretty impressive for a 7 year old, isn't it?

Of course there's more to the story so if you're interested in reading some more about how it all went down on Saturday - 



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