National Waffle Day Started In Troy 149 Years Ago

Today is National Waffle Day but do you know why it's "celebrated" on 8/24? 

That's fine if you don't because I'm going to explain it for you. August 24th is actually the day that the first patent was issued for the waffle iron. It was issued to Cornelius Swarthout of Troy back in 1869. It wasn't until 1911 that G.E. introduced the World to the first electric waffle iron. The popularity of waffles didn't really take off until 1964 when a Belgium family sold them at the New York World's Fair.

I had no clue that the waffle iron was invented in the Capital Region but as they say "Ya learn something new everyday". Perhaps some of you reading this are just learning this as well. Who would have thought that I'd be teaching you something today.

Anyway, it's National Waffle Day so enjoy some waffles. I don't care if  you make them yourself or just drop some Eggos in the toaster and scarf them suckers down. 

By the way, does anyone else like peanut butter on their waffles or am I alone in my enjoyment of that?


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