More Bears In Guilderland And Saratoga

This year has been pretty intense with bear sightings in the Capital Region. There were a number of reports earlier this Summer that I posted about and now there were more sightings this weekend in both Guilderland and Saratoga.

Guilderland Police say that there was a bear spotted around the area of School and Nielsen Road. In Saratoga there were reports of a bear knocking down a bird feeder in the Geyser Crest area. 

A few helpful tips from the D.E.C. would be to keep your garbage cans in a sturdy structure, keep your grills clean and do not leave pet dishes outside. Also, it's recommended that you bring in your small pets. We're talking about a bear here so I would say bring in ANY pet. 

Also, police ask that you contact them if you see a bear. Of course, get to a safe place before you call. Don't just stand there looking at the bear and make a phone call. That's a bad idea. 


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