Nebraska Giving Out License Plates With The Same Numbers Due To Shortage

Photo: Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

The state of Nebraska is facing a license plate shipment issue that could result in duplicate plates being sent out with the same numbers, KLKN TV reported earlier this month.

Supply chain issues preventing scheduled shipments of license plates are reported in Platte, Hall, Buffalo, Adams, Lincoln, Dodge, Saunders, Gage, Madison, Cass, Scotts Bluff and Washington counties, according to the Platte County Treasurer's Office. The arrival of several crucial supplies needed to manufacture the license plates have been delayed, which has led to a halt in production.

The Platte County Treasurer's Office said the affected counties will receive quarterly shipments of new licenses plates throughout 2023 due to the ongoing issue. Additionally, the office said two vehicles could receive the same plate number, with one getting a 2017 plate and the other getting a 2023 plate.

The shortage is also expected to prohibit some drivers from retaining their number, according to the office. The Platte County Treasurer's Office said it intends to return the same number plates to customers who have renewed on a timely basis if the plates are available, but most people are expected to get a new number after renewing for 2023, KLKN TV reports.

More information about Nebraska license plates can be accessed on the state's Department of Motor Vehicles website.

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