Sisanie: Help! Only One of My Babies Is Walking!


Aiza is officially walking! But, her twin brother, Maxon, isn’t quite yet. Sisanie is asking all you parents out there advice in the latest episode of Off-Air With Sisanie above!

Aiza and Maxon are 1 and I’m so excited for this next chapter that they’re about to go on and also my life is like really going to be over,” Sis jokes in the video above, revealing that she’s been warned once your babies go mobile, it’s jokingly game over.

Her dilemma though? Maxon isn’t quite there yet.

“My questions to you … should I be concerned that they’re not developing at the same time? I’ve read that sometimes girls develop faster than boys do and they couldn’t be more opposite,” Sisanie added, revealing that Aiza was more dominant even in the womb.

Watch back the full video above and sound off with your advice below!

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