Noah Centineo Shares Some Valuable Advice Regarding Happiness


Our guy Noah Centineo has had a crazy past year! His role as Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I've Loved Before really took him to the next level. Of course prior to that he was on The Fosters! He recently opened up about that experience and we can really learn a thing or two from what he had to say.

Noah shared, "I did a little show called The Fosters and over the years since I did that show, I learned that external things don't actually make you happy. They didn't make me happy. I actually was like really, really upset while doing that show. Not because the show wasn't an amazing show, I just wasn't happy with all of these things outside of myself."


Since he worked on that show he realized having a successful career wasn't going to fulfill him, but rather doing what he loves AND giving back to others! I love that so much.

Sometimes people think if you have the dream job, the dream home, the dream car that you will instantly be happy. When in actuality it's a combination of things, you working hard to achieve your goals and also giving back to others. I couldn't agree with him more!


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