Shawn Mendes Shared What A Typical Date Looks Like With Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes recently shared what at typical date looks like with Camila Cabello. And I think we can all compare our dating lives to this. So, Shawn said, "Camila and I will basically wake up and find the nearest coffee we can find. She'll have basically half a coffee and I'll have like 3."

Shawn also added, "Probably find some food, then an hour later we'd be like, "Are you hungry?" and we'll eat again." So now we know these two love to eat and search out coffee. But, what about movies? Shawn revealed, "Probably watch a movie, Tangled. She loves Tangled." Which like, same Camila, same.

Plus, he said Camila is good at keeping the conversation going with random topics. One time they were having dinner and she pulled out a list on her phone. Questions were along the lines of, "What would you do if it was the last day on earth."

I love that Camila did that. There are actually lists on Google, like "Questions to Ask Someone You Are Newly Dating." I think they are a great way to get to know the other person! Taking notes from Shawn and Camila's relationship for sure.

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