8 Hair Care Tips From Tanya’s Celebrity Hairstylist You Need to Know

There’s nothing better than blonde hair — but bleach comes with a price to your hair’s health! That’s why I asked my beloved hairstylist Tauni Dawson at Nine Zero One for her top pro-tips that you too can easily do and use at home.

#1 A SHOWER FILTER! This is a game changer!! Water from the shower isn’t filtered so getting that has been a game changer for my hair!

#2. 7 Second Spray: This is a heat protectant that I spray in my hair every time I get out of the shower – this is a MUST for me too!

#3. Slip Silk Scrunchies (Link here!)

#4. Purple Shampoo (for blondes to eliminate yellow tones) or Blue shampoo (for brunettes to eliminate brassy tones) *Tauni recommends Joico brand

#5. Olaplex #3 treatment – to strengthen your hair

#6. Silk pillowcases to hold styling

#7. Wide tooth comb for conditioning treatments * Tauni recommends Gisou brand

#8. Wash your hair every other or every 3 days. If you workout a lot get your hair wet & condition it. Don’t wash with shampoo

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