Chrissy Teigen Shared The Cutest Videos Negotiating Candy With Luna

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In yet another installment of "this is why I love Chrissy Teigen so much" I give you: Chrissy negotiating with she and John Legend's daughter Luna over the amount of candy she was allowed to eat that night.

The video is even cuter than it sounds because Luna's little voice is so cute. And when did they teach her to be such a great negotiator?!

It all starts with the first video Chrissy posted with the caption "candy court is in session. part 1/2." and the fact that we got not one, but two of these adorable and hilarious videos is absolutely a day-maker.

In this first installment of candy court, you see Chrissy sitting across the table from Luna and John as she "calls to order" the meeting of "the candy." Chrissy then asks her daughter to speak and tell her about why she "deserves the candy."

And in what might be the best reasoning for deserving candy ever, Luna responds that she wants it and she likes it.

OBVIOUSLY, MOM!! But that's not where it ends.

you see Chrissy sitting across from Luna, who is next to her dad


Chrissy then posted the follow up video, captioned "we have reached a settlement."

Chrissy suggests to her daughter that it's time to go into negotiations and asks, "how many pieces of candy? I say one." which Luna absolutely rejects and suggests 3 pieces by holding up three fingers and saying "I say this many."


But she does. Chrissy responds, "what about one?" and Luna once again comes back with, "no I want three."

BUT THEN! Chrissy thinks for a moment before saying "what about two" and Luna immediately agrees!

But honestly this is something you have to see for yourself. Just prepare to have your heart melt.


Now, if this candy court session is any foreshadowing of what Chrissy's newly-announced court show is going to be like... then I am fully IN!

Chrissy announced the news of her "small claims court" show on Twitter, sharing that it's going to get a little more petty.


This is truly what dreams are made of.

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