Queer Eye's Bobby Berk Talks LA Home And Becoming A Parent In The Future


Have you ever wondered what life at home for the design expert on Queer Eye, Bobby Berk is like?

Well, luckily for you, he just did a big interview in PEOPLE, where he talked about his move from New York, to downtown Los Angeles and then ultimately to the Silver Lake area of LA.

He also shared an inside look on life with his husband, Dewey Do, and shared if the couple is planning for kids at the moment.

Talking about the move from the east coast to the west, Bobby shared that he and Dewey didn't move out here to live in a place similar to New York, and that's why they moved from Downtown LA to Silverlake recently.

"We left New York for this, for the quiet. Like, I can open my windows at night here and sleep. In downtown, you can’t open your windows at night because it’s too loud. Also the beautiful, modern, clean design makes me happy.”

And if you're wondering if he redesigns his own homes? Oh yes he does.

He revealed he actually didn't love just how all-white it all was, despite loving how modern it was, and was planning on making a couple changes to the kitchen and bathroom areas.

“So in the kitchen it will be black cabinets, black countertops and maybe black backsplash — I haven’t decided yet. Then we’re just changing out tile in the bathrooms.”

Bobby and Dewey are also working on adding a swimming pool, a gym and a garage to their home, though the pool won't be done until November and they will have to "miss summer" with it.

As for if the couple, who has been together over 15 years, is ready to bring kids into the mix? Bobby says that's more of a 5-year plan right now because of how busy he is with different work projects. So busy, in fact, that he's only slept in his new house about 2 weeks since they moved in.

“My husband’s always like, ‘I don’t want to be a single parent. You’re always gone,’... Like 90 percent of the time I am.”

He also added that if and when the time does come for kids, the couple would "probably get a different house because this one is not kid-friendly.”

So Bobby - when are we getting another season of Queer Eye?!

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