The 'SNL' Season 44 Blooper Reel Is Here To Make You L O L


I am totally obsessed with Saturday Night Live.

I record it every week (who has the energy to always stay up to watch it?!) and I usually turn it on Sunday mornings when the twins are having their morning nap. It's the perfect Sunday show when we're tired and just wanting to relax!

So when I saw that they released the Season 44 blooper reel, well I couldn't just keep it to myself.

Some of the best moments are the guest hosts screwing up their scenes - specifically Matt Damon. Because you don't really expect to see him mess anything up, like ever.

Watch the hilarious mess ups and line forgetting moments right here:


Now you may be wondering how they got bloopers from a show that is literally... live. BUUUT not all of the segments are fully live, and some of the packages are pre-taped and played back during the show.

It was actually Andy Samberg's comedic "band" The Lonely Island, who started the success of these digital taped pieces that have added a whole new set of laughs to the show. Their "Lazy Sunday" rap in 2005 was such a success that the show started incorporating more pre-taped segments into the mix with the live sketches.

The show hasn't always released blooper reels, either, but they did release a hilarious one last season and I hope they never stop now.


Oh, SNL, you are truly the greatest.

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