9 Babies Were Born To Firefighters Of The Racho Cucamonga Fire District

We've heard of nurses and teachers at the same hospital or school having a bit of a baby boom... but this one is CRAZY because 9 babies were born to firefighters of the Rancho Cucamonga Fire District from the months of March to July.

So of course the firefighters organized what is easily the cutest photo shoot you will ever see in your life, with the 9 babies all together and in the firehouse wearing their parent's gear and all wearing matching onesies!

The fire department posted on their Facebook page about the sweet baby boom and shared some of the best photos from the shoot and you just NEED to see them:

The caption for the photos read: "Say hello to Rancho Cucamonga Fire’s newest little family members! Between March and July of this year, nine babies were born in the department and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture this special moment. We are thrilled to see our RCFD fire family keep growing!"

For anyone worried about the babies' safety, YES all the fire fighting gear that was used in the shoot was properly cleaned so that none of the babies were breathing in smoke or anything. They thought of it all!

As for if this was a coincidence or planned? According to Gabrielle Costello, a spokesperson for the department AND one of the new moms, this was not planned AT all.

"It was just a coincidence, but everybody’s happy it worked out so we could all experience this together."

I can't imagine anything more special than getting to experience motherhood with EIGHT other women who you already share a unique experience with, having a firefighter as a partner.

“Everybody was really surprised... But they were really excited to have them all so close together too, so they could all grow up alongside each other with their dads at the department.”

These babies will have 8 built in best friends who understand their lives from the get go! And they can have one GIANT birthday party at the fire station each year for all of the kids. Of the 9 babies, 7 are girls and 2 are boys. So even if those boys don't have sisters, they're definitely going to grow up like they have LOTS of them!

Sounds like a win-win-win-win!

Congratulations to all the new parents!!

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