Legendary Albany Bowling Alley to be Knocked Down


I actually learned to bowl at Playdium in Albany. To say it's a throwback to the 70's would be an understatement. But there's a certain kind of retro charm this place holds - with the super old TV's that keep score, severely chipped and dented lane balls, and a lingering smell of tobacco. 

Playdium has been going since the 1940's, but now it's owner is selling the property. Plans submitted to the city of Albany say the building will be demolished and will make way for three new buildings on the site - possibly a laundromat, cafe, and parking garage. 

No word on when demolition will begin, so it's still going at the moment. Get your games in now! 

R.I.P. Playdium! 

[NewsChannel 13]

photo: Google Street View


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