Saratoga Congress Park Vandal Arrested

Late Monday night the Morrisey Fountain in Congress Park, which dates back to the 1870's was knocked off its base and badly damaged. Luckily cameras were rolling when it happened and Saratoga Springs Police were able to share photos of the jerk which led to him being arrested. 

Michael Hansen, 30 of Saratoga is charged with felony second degree criminal mischief. That same evening, police were investigating reports of eight cars damaged in the Putnam Street area, although it's not clear if he was involved in that vandalism. 

According to his Facebook page, Michael describes himself as: 

I am observant, thoughtful, and creative at my best. I am sometimes loud, careless, and destructive.

It's not known the extent of damage to the fountain, it has since been removed from the park. 

Michael Hansen 3
Michael Hansen 1
Michael Hansen 2

[Daily Gazette] 

photos: Saratoga Springs Police


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