Let's Compare Snowfall Predictions From 6, 10, and 13

Are you excited for the first winter storm of the season? The weather peeps at the local TV stations sure are. Although not unheard of, mid-November snow storms are somewhat rare. So which meteorologist will get it right? Let's compare...

WRGB Storm Map

Over at CBS 6, they're saying about 5"-10" to the north and west, with Albany right in the crosshairs where the totals shift to 3"-6" to the south and east. 

WTEN Storm Map

News 10 has the snowfall totals at 5"-9" to the north and west, although they are predicting lighter snow for the immediate Capital Region to be around 3"-6". 

WNYT Storm Map

NewsChannel 13 also has the heaviest snow falling to the north and west of the Capital Region with extreme eastern Schenectady county, Southern Saratoga County, and north east Albany County getting in the 4"-6" range. 

NWS Storm Map

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service is saying they expect MORE than what the TV stations are aiming at - with totals of 8"-12" in the Capital Region and to the north and west. 

photos: Facebook/Twitter


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