Entire Staff Of Troy Restaurant Walks Out

Apparently it's been building for quite some time, but the debacle that just happened with MyPayrollHR caused the employees of the Troy gastropub 'The Shop' to walk off the job on Sunday night.

MyPayrollHR, the Clifton Park company that went belly up last week handles the payroll for The Shop. Some employees were not only shocked to find negative balances in their bank accounts, but they were equally disappointed in how it was handled by management. Most of the anger is directed at the restaurant's owner, Kevin Blodgett - who they say is largely absent and barely communicates with the staff, even though he lives upstairs. The final straw for the employees came when the payroll mess happened and Blodgett, through the restaurant's operations manager, told employees to go talk to their respective financial institutions.

Jared Barton, a former employee told the Times Union:

That was it for us. It really showed us again his inability to lead a group of people.

info on the restaurant's website was taken down, just leaving up a message that says 'Do Better, please'. It also appeared on their Instagram last night - apparently directed at Blodgett.


[Times Union]

photo: Google Street View


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